Paediatric dentistry

Children are welcome in our practices! 

Tips prior to a visit

  • Feel free to explain to your child all the things can be seen at the dentist. That the dentist likes to look at their teeth and that they can sit on a special, fun chair for this. The more the child's curiosity is aroused, the better. 
  • Try not to give too many unpleasant details. Words like "pain", "injection" are best avoided. Let the dentist explain the treatment as much as possible when the time comes. This allows the dentist to adjust the vocabulary to the child's level
  • With good cooperation, your child will receive a small surprise at the end of the visit.

General tips for home

  • It is important to limit the number of eating and drinking occasions to a maximum of 6 per day. The saliva needs several hours to help the teeth recover from sweet or acidic food. 
  • Try to avoid sugar and soft drinks as much as possible and have your child drink primarily water and milk
  • From the time the baby teeth appear, it is important to brush the teeth twice a day for 2 minutes. Until the age of 8 it is best to brush as a parent. Until then, your child has not yet developed enough motor skills to do it all by himself. 
  • Arrange for a dental check-up at least once a year
  • It is best to reduce the use of a pacifier from the age of 1 year and to stop completely from the age of 2 years.
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